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We Offer Out of Town Dealer Support

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Manage a Project From Your Hometown Knowing That Our Project Manager Will:
  • Connect you with our warehouse department to track your shipments
  • Field Measure & attend construction meetings
  • Be onsite to ensure a quality install
  • Follow manufacturer protocols incase anything is damaged in a timely manner
  • Complete detailed punch list

Looking for Help on an Out-of-Town Installation

Vector Installation services has taken care of dozens of out-of-town installations for dealers and showrooms. We understand the process and how time-consuming and expensive to send a team to overse an out-of-town install. When you work with us, you will have a dedicated project manager that takes care of the entire process. Choose quality, choose Out of Town Dealer, your trusted partner in furniture solutions. Elevate your surroundings with the touch of an Out of Town Dealer who understands the artistry of furniture. Your space deserves the distinction that only an Out of Town Dealer like us can provide.

Installing Office Furniture Brands Such as:

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Why Choose Us

We Specialize In Large Projects

As an Out of Town Dealer specializing in large-scale projects, our commitment to excellence in furniture services knows no bounds. Vector Installation Services specializes in the larger projects. We have successfully completed multi-floor projects while meeting deadlines each and every time. We have the crew, Warehouse and expertise to take care of any project of any size. In the realm of large-scale endeavors, an Out of Town Dealer stands as a beacon of expertise. 

"They were very responsive from the start... They were on time, diligent, and professional. They clearly very experienced and ready for any eventuality. Highly recommended."
Michael Giangrande

We have 20,000 Square Feet of Racked Storage Space Available

At Vector Cubicle Services, we specialize in comprehensive cubicle solutions, including installation, reconfiguration, and disassembly. Additionally, we provide versatile storage options to suit your needs, whether it’s short-term storage during workspace changes or long-term inventory storage. With over two decades of experience in cubicle services, we understand the specific requirements of businesses and are dedicated to delivering top-quality storage solutions.

  • Forklifts and reach trucks that are available to assist with unloading and storing your product
  • Protection of your product to prevent damage while being stored
  • Loading Docks for Trucks

Our facility is equipped with forklifts and reach trucks to streamline the unloading and storage of your cubicles. We prioritize the protection of your cubicles to prevent any damage while in storage and offer loading docks for convenience. Security is a top concern for us, and our warehouse includes closed-circuit television surveillance. We provide comprehensive inventory tracking for all stored cubicles, including updates and photos upon request. Trust us for the safety, security, and excellence of your cubicle services.

Your Dedicated Project Manager

For any office relocation or layout change, no matter the scale, it’s essential to oversee the process meticulously from the outset. Vector Installation & Office Moving will assign a Project Manager, who brings over two decades of expertise in office furniture setup, to collaborate with you, understanding your requirements and offering our insights.

We aim to facilitate your office transition, whether it’s a move, a reconfiguration, or an expansion, in the most efficient and economical manner. We prioritize leveraging your existing office furnishings and resources to the fullest, aiming to reduce any disruption to your staff’s productivity. Additionally, our team is adept at pinpointing potential issues not previously considered and adeptly navigating any unforeseen challenges that arise during the move.

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Our team, including dedicated out-of-town dealers, provides every service you expect from a professional office moving and Furniture Installation company.

We are committed to delivering excellence whether you’re local or situated beyond city limits.

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