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Welcome to Vector Installation & Office Moving Services, your dedicated partner for seamless business moves. We specialize exclusively in commercial business relocations, and our expertise lies in modular commercial furniture. As licensed general B contractors, we also have the capabilities to take care of electrical work, providing a comprehensive solution for your business move.

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Vector Installation Services is committed to delivering expert office move and reconfiguration management services tailored to your specific needs. With a focus on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and minimizing downtime, we confidently ensure your office move is seamless and successful. Elevate your workspace with our specialized office reconfiguration and furniture services, embracing the evolution of your office. Trust our expertise, where every reconfiguration is a stride towards a more functional and inspiring environment. Count on Vector Installation Services for a comprehensive solution to your office transition needs, including office reconfiguration.

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Office Moving

Enjoy a tailored moving plan executed by a highly dedicated, highly skilled and experienced office moving team. Enhance your workspace with Furniture Services for efficient and tailored office reconfiguration.

Office Furniture Installation

Looking to relocate or remove excess furniture in Orange County or Los Angeles? By the time we are done, we will leave your office turn-in ready. Office reconfiguration is the transformative key to unlocking the full potential of your workspace. Call us today.

Project Management

Efficient office reconfiguration is the cornerstone of success in project management. Our Project Managers are onsite to ensure your project is being executed in accordance with the highest standards. You can expect a quality referral worthy project.

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We Specialize In Large Office Moving Projects

In Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, Vector Installation Services specializes in comprehensive projects, including office reconfiguration. With a proven track record of successfully completing multi-floor projects while consistently meeting deadlines, our experienced team, well-equipped warehouse, and expertise ensure seamless handling of projects of any size. Trust Vector Installation Services for a comprehensive approach, encompassing office reconfiguration, to meet your project needs efficiently and expertly.

"They were very responsive from the start... They were on time, diligent, and professional. They clearly very experienced and ready for any eventuality. Highly recommended."
Michael Giangrande

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Our team provides every service you expect from a professional Office Moving, Office Reconfiguration & Furniture Installation company.

Embrace the notion that office reconfiguration, multiple times, is a testament to adaptability and progress.

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