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Office Decommissioning

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"My law firm recently moved over 14,000 square feet of office space... Over the weekend these fine individuals ensured that my office was up and running on Monday... I give my highest recommendation to this company and would use them for any additional moves by my office."
Stephen Garcia, Founder, Garcia & Artiglieri
December 4th, 2023

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Office Furniture Decommissioning Experts

We Meet our Deadlines

Vector Decommissioning Services is committed to delivering unmatched expertise and service in the realm of office decommissioning, consistently meeting deadlines. We specialize in providing top-notch decommissioning solutions, proudly serving the Orange County and Los Angeles Business Community with unparalleled dedication. Trust Vector Decommissioning for seamless and reliable solutions in the field of office decommissioning, backed by our unwavering commitment to excellence.

I would highly recommend Vector for your office moving and install needs. I asked Alex to help with a move with a narrow timeline and he and his team were able to come through and even help out with some unexpected changes.
Josh Rosales

Office Decommissioning

We not only ensure a seamless office move but also offer comprehensive office decommissioning services. We'll leave your office exactly as you found it by removing furniture, and cabling, and safely disconnecting wiring, making it turn-in ready.

Office Furniture Removal

We excel in office decommissioning, managing excess furniture, and handling the removal of items like cubicles. Whether it's disposing of a few cubicles or clearing out entire floors of furniture, we've got you covered.

Office Furniture Reconfiguration

We specialize in disassembling and reconfiguring office furniture, including office decommissioning services. Our commercial furniture experts cater to all your office decommissioning needs. Trust us for seamless solutions.

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We Specialize In Large Office Decommissioning Projects

Vector Installation & Office Moving Services stands out when it comes to overseeing substantial office decommissioning projects in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. Our portfolio includes a series of accomplishments in completing multi-floor projects, consistently adhering to deadlines. Equipped with a dedicated crew, a fully stocked warehouse, and extensive expertise, we handle projects of any scale. Furthermore, our proficiency extends to office decommissioning, offering comprehensive solutions to meet your diverse requirements. Count on Vector for outstanding project management, including top-tier office decommissioning services.

Leave Your Space Exactly How You Got it

Navigating the excess office furniture is a critical but often overlooked aspect of commercial moves. Office lease agreements demand specific considerations. Therefore, prior to turning over rented space to a landlord, be thorough when decommissioning office space. These strategic steps help avoid costly mistakes during the move. Contact us for assistance!

What Our Customers Say

Pre-Decommission Planning

Let’s collaborate on your office decommissioning requirements to determine the most suitable date, time, and plan that aligns with your needs. We’ll diligently address every aspect, from crafting precise floor plans to ensuring you have a clear vision of the final state of your office space.

Office Decommission Day

Our dedicated office decommissioning team upholds the highest standards of professionalism. On the scheduled day, you can anticipate our team’s arrival in uniform, punctual and fully prepared with a carefully crafted plan for execution. Rest assured, we guarantee a smooth and efficient transition for your office decommissioning needs.

Post Decommission Follow-Up

After every office decommission, our commitment goes beyond the physical transition. We conduct comprehensive check-ins to identify and rectify any potential issues that may need attention. While not all office decommissioning providers offer this level of service, you can trust that with us, your decommissioning process is in capable hands.

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Our team excels in professional office moving, furniture installation, and office decommissioning services. 

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