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"My law firm recently moved over 14,000 square feet of office space... Over the weekend these fine individuals ensured that my office was up and running on Monday... I give my highest recommendation to this company and would use them for any additional moves by my office."
Stephen Garcia, Founder, Garcia & Artiglieri
December 4th, 2023

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Welcome to Vector Installation & Office Moving Services, your dedicated partner for seamless business moves. We specialize exclusively in commercial business relocations, and our expertise lies in modular commercial furniture. As licensed general B contractors, we also have the capabilities to take care of electrical work, providing a comprehensive solution for your business move. 

“His pricing was fair and reasonable, as well as better than his competitors. “

Jennifer Krikorian Alvarez


On-Site Project Managers

Our dedicated team of project managers is committed to providing on-site support throughout the entire office relocation process, from planning to installation and even post-project assistance. With extensive experience in managing office moves, we assure facility management teams and business owners a seamless transition. Trust in our expertise, proven processes, and efficient systems for a stress-free office relocation experience, multiple times over.
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“Vector provided us with all the materials we needed and kept us organized throughout the whole process. “

Petra Ryan


Over 1000 Businesses Have Trusted Us With Their Relocations

Office Furniture
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We Specialize In Large Business Furniture Projects

Vector Installation & Office Moving Services excels in managing substantial business furniture projects. Our track record showcases successful completion of multi-floor projects, consistently meeting deadlines. Backed by a skilled crew, a well-equipped warehouse, and extensive expertise, we are fully prepared to handle projects of any size. Trust us for seamless execution and reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures the smooth and efficient management of large-scale business furniture projects, providing you with confidence and peace of mind.

"I cannot Thank you & Your team Enough. Thank you guys for being so easy to work with, you and everyone on your crew were just absolutely helpful"
Fox Racing

Office Moving

You can select a commercial moving team that offers office furniture services because of the needed expertise. We are experts at installing, relocating, and removing cubicles, executive office desks, benching stations, conference tables, etc.

Office Furniture Installation

If you are moving locations, scaling up, down, or even liquidating, we will disassemble or reconfigure your office furniture regardless of the manufacturer. Our Commercial furniture will take care of your commercial moving needs.

Office Furniture Removal

If you are in the process of decommissioning office furniture, including cubicles, desks, conference tables, and more, our expert commercial moving team is here to assist. We will use environmentally friendly landfills and will recycle all we can.

Experts in Commercial Furniture Services

Vector Installation & Office Moving Services specializes in delivering expert office move and reconfiguration management services, customized to your unique needs. Focused on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and minimizing downtime, we ensure a seamless and successful office move. With our commitment to meeting deadlines and your specific requirements, trust Vector Installation & Office Moving Services for a tailored experience that guarantees satisfaction and excellence in office relocation.

Efficient and stress-free office moving services. Trust Vector Installation Services for a seamless and successful relocation experience.

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Our team provides every service you expect from a professional office moving & Furniture Installation company.

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