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Office Furniture: Reconfiguration, Redesign, and Remodel

Transforming your office space doesn’t always require a move. Discover how reconfiguring, redesigning, or remodeling your office furniture can revitalize your workspace, boost productivity, and save money.

Even the best-designed office space will become dated over time, and keeping your brand current is essential. If you aren’t moving to a new location, then your main options are to reconfigure your space, redesign your office, or remodel. Here’s how each option measures up from our office furniture specialists.

Option #1 – Office Furniture Reconfiguration

This is the most budget-friendly and simplest way to refresh your office space. It generally involves replacing worn-out office furniture, changing your layout, and repurposing existing pieces. It’s ideal for offices where everything is in good condition, and only a few changes are needed to enhance the space. Reconfiguration focuses on replacing items nearing the end of their lifespan or are damaged and trying new layouts to improve workflow. This process can often be completed in just a day or two with minimal inconvenience to staff.

Option #2 – Office Redesign

A more in-depth transformation driven by the need to refresh the aesthetics of the office space. If your office looks bland, dated, or shabby, this is usually the best option. Redesign projects include reconfiguring the space and replacing worn items, upgrading lighting, installing video conferencing equipment, repainting, redoing flooring, and installing modern workstations like ergonomic furniture and sit-stand desks. It’s a great way to improve staff morale and retention and create contemporary office interiors that prioritize wellness. Depending on the scope, a redesign can take a few days to a week with moderate inconvenience to staff.

Option #3 – Office Remodel

The most intensive and thorough transformation your workspace can undergo while remaining in the same space. A remodel can completely transform your space from floors to ceiling, including new flooring, walls, tech systems, ceilings, and new spaces like kitchens, cafeterias, and restrooms. This is the most costly option but delivers lasting results. Remodeling projects are extensive and noisy, often requiring organizations to move out temporarily while the work is completed over a week or two.

Reconfigurations, Redesigns, and Remodels – We Do It All

Vector Furniture and Office Moving Services is a leading provider of office design and furniture solutions. Our team works with clients across various industries to design and deliver cost-effective, high-quality office reconfigurations, redesigns, and remodels.

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